Control panels for industrial projects Creative engineering.
Partner of choice.

Since 1989, Nomos is well positioned in the industrial sector. Our leadership position in the design, programming and manufacturing of control panels for your industrial equipment allows us to take care of your projects, regardless of their complexity or scope. Our services can address every aspect of a turnkey solution. From engineering to integration, from compliance tests to start-up, Nomos complements its partnership with a proactive and reassuring project management.

We share development risks with you. Does your project require several skills? We work closely with your teams. Our ability to meet your challenges through ingenious and low-cost solutions quickly becomes vital. Simply said, we design and manufacture your control panels in full compliance with your specifications and deadline.

Our expertise

Our engineering team is specialized in the development of control panels, particularly for the following sectors:

  • heavy industry: mining, maritime and aluminum sectors
  • manufacturing industry: industrial equipment and manufacturing process automation

Our service offering includes the following:

  • plans and electric diagrams design
  • robots and interface programming
  • product and pre-production sample development
  • production line automation, manufacturing processes, lifting systems, hydraulic controls, pumping systems and water features
  • customized manufacturing
  • start-up on site or at the plant
  • selection, programming and configuration of controllers and communication networks

A customized collaboration for your customized projects

Our wide experience with thousands of large-scale projects covers all fields of expertise and services with respect to control systems. Adaptability is at the center of what we are all about and of our processes. You determine our involvement level. Our knowledge of industry standards and access to the best components and partners ensure you get a unique solution in full compliance with your goals, specifications and budget.

Highly specialized design and electrical engineering

Our continuously updated knowledge of the industrial market allows us to translate technical requirements into a diagnosis and optimized plans that meet industry standards. Our detailed engineering department consists of a team of experienced engineers who stand out with their clearly applied vision of your project. Integration, programming and configuration of controllers and communication networks are part of our skills.

Robust and reassuring project management

Does your project have several aspects? For this reason, a specialized application engineer ensures smooth functioning through robust processes managed over a specific schedule for all critical steps. Procurement, production launch, specifications, quality control and approval are perfectly integrated into a documented and shared process that offers you complete peace of mind and meeting of deadlines.

Reliable and sustainable manufacturing

Our production engineering is integrated to manufacturing. This is an approach unique to Nomos that maximizes quality at every level of your customized solution. Non-compliance is not an option for us. An assembly according to your specifications by qualified technicians and complete control tests ensure a reliable solution in full compliance with CSA 22.2, UL508 standards or adapted to your specific needs.

Proximity service

We understand how much your project means to you. We know how much its control system is vital to its proper functioning. This is why our customer service complements our products' reliability. You benefit from a technical support that will limit business interruption.

Need parts or alternatives? Does your problem require on-site servicing with a qualified professional? Nomos ensures a fast and smooth resumption.