Upgrading and replacement of control cabinets for power transformers Many achievements.

Upgrading and replacing control, automation, monitoring and conditioning components plays a critical role in extending the lifespan, and enhancing the safety and reliability, of aging power transformers. Retrofitting new control cabinets to existing assets requires extensive expertise. Nomos is the North American specialist in the design, electrical engineering and manufacturing of customized control cabinets for power transformers.

Whether you are replacing a control cabinet directly at the substation to extend the life of your assets as part of your capital budget, or replacing a control cabinet on a power transformer being refurbished in plant, we provide a one-stop solution for every aspect of the process—from engineering and production to installation and start-up. Our customized products include circuits and interfaces for all standard accessories and components installed on a power transformer and can also be adapted to incorporate technology and safety enhancements, company specifications, and smart grid requirements.

Our experience complements yours. Nomos—a partner you can rely on.

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Full compliance with requirements and industry standards

Standardized design

  • CSA and UL certified design, compliant with IEEE C57.148 standard if required
  • ONAF, OFAF and ODAF standard control circuits, including Auto/Off/Manual and lead stage selector switch
  • Interface for level gage alarm, control and protection signals, pressure relay and other transformer components
  • Temperature monitoring for critical applications
  • Component integration: annunciator, on-load tap-changers, transfer switch, temperature controller, fiber optic sensors and more
  • Programming and configuration of controllers, protection relays and communication networks
  • Standard terminal layout to control cooling, alarms, trigger circuits and test switches
  • Comprehensive set of drawings and wiring plans and diagrams, a layout plan and a hardware list.

Robust component selection

  • Numerous upgraded component options to extend the life and enhance the safety and reliability of aging assets as part of capital improvement plans
  • Robust manufacturing terminals for alarms, control, power and measuring
  • Terminals for current transformer and test switch
  • Protection relays, temperature controller, remote terminal, annunciator, tap-changer controller and power transformer monitoring system.
  • Choice of communication medium, including copper, optical fiber, radio or satellite, according to the required protocol and available infrastructure (DNP3, IEC 61850 and more)
  • Robust accessories: GFCI receptacles, heating, ventilation, and drain

Specialized manufacturing

  • Robust NEMA/IEC cabinet for outdoor use made of painted or stainless steel
  • Inside doors, 3-point handles, rain protector, and industrial-grade hardware
  • Support for gages or other components
  • Gland plate and external/internal NEMA ground pad
  • SIS, ETFE, MTW/TEW wiring
  • Numbering and labeling system compliant with client requirements and IEEE Std C37.2
  • Provision for cabinet assembly on equipment

NOMOS: The obvious choice

Since 1989, several control cabinet refurbishing projects s realized for major manufacturers and energy producers throughout North America allowed us to develop a proven process. This experience is complemented by a continuously updated knowledge of complex standards governing control and conditioning of power transformers. Our scope and our provider network ensure refurbished control cabinets that meet your requirements and modern standards in compliance with established deadlines.

Highly specialized design and electrical engineering

We have made control cabinets for power transformers our specialty. Our experienced engineers stand out with their applied vision of detailed engineering. Schematics, cabling and wiring plans, physical view and hardware list are translated into optimized plans that are fully compliant with industry standards. Our recognized know-how allows us to address and consider every technical aspect relating to the refurbishing of your power transformers.

Robust and reassuring project management

A customized client relationship managed by a designated engineer. A complete take over of the project driven by robust and documented processes. Compliance control for outstanding quality ensures your project success, within established budget and deadline. To you, this means complete peace of mind.

Reliable and sustainable manufacturing

For flawless quality, we integrate production engineering to the manufacturing process itself. Qualified technicians following good practice rules and compliance tests addressing every aspect ensure an assembly compliant with specifications and standards such as IEEE Std C57.148, CSA 22.2 or UL508. To ensure consistent performance, our equipment is submitted to a regular calibrating program.

Accessible service

No matter what your problem is, our team is always available. Whether it be technical support, customer service, part replacement or alternatives, our team stands out with its proactive approach. If your problem requires the presence of a qualified professional on site for quick resumption, Nomos will help you at any time in the business relationship.